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Your Network is your NET-WORTH

You Can Grow Your Business with ONLY 150 Connections!

Chances are, you have been trying hard to grow your business using consumer methods that generally have a .5% to 2% response rate. Advertising online is getting harder and harder, and you have tried BNI, Zoom, and other networking platforms with little to no results.


There are tons of programs that promise to connect you with thousands of prospects who will buy what you sell, but they all fail. That's because they are based on a traditional cold-calling model.

We show you our proven techniques with RELATIONSHIP MARKETING, which have created a 3x or 10x return on investment for multiple clients (including the author).


  1. Session 1 – The Why Behind The How!
  2. Session 2 – Polishing Your Online Profile
  3. Session 3 – Customized Connections
  4. Session 4 – Content Creation Conundrum
  5. Session 5 – Unlocking Your CRM
  6. Session 6 – Profit Focused Posting
    • Includes all the Recorded Sessions
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    • BONUS… 6 Week Mastermind – Success NEEDS Accountability ($1000 Value)
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I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Brian Basilico. Brian was outstanding as this morning’s guest speaker at the Aurora University Sales Institute. His knowledge of maximizing the usefulness of LinkedIn for the purpose of generating leads and prospects within a professional B2B context is excellent. I have participated in multiple sessions of Brian’s over the past few years. He is one of the most cutting-edge, sales driven, social media/digital experts I know. Make a point to connect with Brian and catch one of his podcasts to gain additional insight that will help you work with customers and prospects more effectively right away.

Shawn Green, PhD
Professor of Marketing and Sales
Coordinator of the AU Sales Institute
Aurora University