Shawn Green

Aurora University Sales Institute

I would like to take the opportunity recommend Brian Basilico. Brian was outstanding as this morning’s guest speaker of the Aurora University Sales Institute. His knowledge of maximizing the usefulness of LinkedIn for the purpose of generating leads and prospects within a professional B2B context is excellent. I have participated in multiple sessions of Brian’s over the past few years. He is one of the most cutting edge sales driven social media / digital experts I know. Make a point to connect with Brian and catch one of his podcasts to gain additional insight that will help you work with customers and prospects more effectively right away.

Brian is a marketing rock star in my world! He made sense of relational marketing for us and helped us extend our reputation, relationships and reach into the digital world. He does what he says he will do. He helps us keep our focus on what is important – good content and relationships. He set up our websites and got us started with blogging, and we now generate 6000+ hits on one of our local websites! I get dozens of offers from marketers every week, and I am confident deleting everyone of them because Brian takes care of us.

Kevin Drendel

Drendel & Jansons Law

John Nachtrieb

Barcode Test

Brian is helping to build traffic to my website–more traffic means more leads. More leads means more sales opportunites. Brian teaches me how to develop and maintain these improvements so I get great value. Traffic has increased steadily over the past several months and I am getting more high quality organic leads–results! If you want to succeed, hire Brian.