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LinkedIn is where business happens. Are you making the most of it for your business?

More B2b Leads are generated on LinkedIn than all other social media platforms combined! But… the Average User only spends 10 Minutes or Less per week on the platform.

Add to that, the platform is Changing and Evolving daily. But don't worry… we keep up and inform you of What's New by constantly monitoring and learning!

Here are some new things that you should be aware of.
Did You Know…

  1. There is a new focus on Business and Brand Pages
  2. You can now only message 1st Level Connections
  3. LinkedIn Emails Connections whenever you leave them a message

Our Integrated, Innovative and Comprehensive Approach, gives you a leg up on your competition by communicating with your perfect prospective customers or current clients. We show you how to create more sales through giving potential customers the answers to the questions they are searching for!

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The Training Modules...

Perfect Your Profile

Your profile is NOT your resume…. let me repeat YOUR PROFILE IS NOT YOUR RESUME! It's a statement about Your Personal Brand. A complete profile gives you a better chance of making quality connections. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views and 36x more messages. Learn what's important to complete and where to add hidden gems that help people Know, Like, and Trust you enough to do business with YOU!

Making Quality Connections

A Quality Connection is defined as someone you actually know who can help you with connections that are important to your business. You are Limited to 30,000 connections in LinkedIn, but there are no awards for anyone who accumulates the most connections. Learn how to Identify, and more importantly, Effectively Connect and Start Conversations that build REAL Relationships that will benefit both your businesses!

Posting Great Content

Less that .5% of people who use LinkedIn post content. Content creates Awareness, Educates, and Creates Engagement that gets you noticed. The goal is to get people to start conversations that you can use to Dive Deeper into Opportunity. The ultimate goal is to generate a Phone Call, Email, or In-Person Meeting that leads to a Collaborative Business Relationship (and ultimately… sales).

Advanced Tools & Techniques

LinkedIn is a tool that allows you to start conversations. There are other Tools that let you Manage and Personalize Communications in ways that your competition only wishes they knew. Learn some easy to use and low cost options to Maximize Your Efforts to Start, Manage, and Grow REAL Relationships on LinkedIn (and beyond).

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is your profile actively Attracting Potential Customers or is it ONLY attracting people who want to sell to you? Learn Why!
  • What content on your profile Informs, Educates, and Promotes you and your business in a way that starts conversations? Learn How!
  • Do you know the difference between an Endorsement and a Recommendation? Learn What!

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