Individualized LinkedIn Coaching… Strengthen and Build on
What You Already Know!

Personalized One-On-One Training
Custom 1 Hour LinkedIn Sessions

You could spend hours of time reading articles, watching videos, and listening to podcasts to learn about What's New and Working On LinkedIn… but WHY?

We can show you everything you Need and Want To Know About LinkedIn, in a personalized, online, One-Hour Coaching Session.

We have trained hundreds of people How To Navigate and Use LinkedIn the right way for your specific needs. We have our finger on the pulse of the Latest Changes, Tools, Tips, and Techniques, that can help you use Relationship Marketing successfully to Meet Your Business Goals!

Sessions Are Recorded And Available For Online Review – Anytime!

We can help you Answer the Tough Questions

  1. “Is Sales Navigator or Paying For LinkedIn Worth It?”
  2. “How can I Profitably Leverage Relationships that I already have on LinkedIn?”
  3. How do I Create a Brand that people will pay attention to on LinkedIn?”

Our Integrated, Innovative and Comprehensive Approach, gives you a leg up on your competition by communicating with your perfect prospective customers or current clients. We show you how to create more sales through giving potential customers the answers to the questions they are searching for!

Individualized Coaching On...

LinkedIn For Sales

Do You Know Why some people have such a hard time Prospecting on LinkedIn while others are More Successful? Because most people are taught just to Connect, Message, & Monetize. How do you feel when people do that to you? Most people ignore requests to connect for just that reason. Some experts try to convince you that LinkedIn is the Yellow Brick Road to Sales, but we show you How To Find the GOLD Bricks along the path. Our LinkedIn Strategies and training DO JUST THAT! We show you how to Do More of What's Really Working, while AVOIDING the Pitfalls that can actually hurt your business!

LinkedIn For Jobs

Did you know that LinkedIn Makes 70% of it's Income from companies posting jobs? There are Over 20 Million Job Postings at anytime on LinkedIn. If you think that Employers or Recruiters are not looking at YOUR LinkedIn Profile to qualify you as a candidate… You Are Dead Wrong! We can show you What You NEED To Do to Stand Out From The Crowd of people vying for the same positions as you. Investing In Yourself, is the best way to get others to come to the decision to Hire YOU!

LinkedIn For Business

Does your business have a cohesive Business-to-Business Strategy? You can be missing out if you don't have a Quality Business Page. Also, one of the most common mistakes we see is C-Level not leading by example. If you are an Owner or CEO, and you are not using LinkedIn to communicate and attract business, how can you expect Salespeople or others in your company to embrace Relationship Marketing on LinkedIn?

B2b Interactive Marketing has helped businesses in various industries Improve their Sales & Marketing with innovative ideas that match their needs. Our services include a wide variety of Customized Solutions from simple Coaching Sessions, to full Successful LinkedIn Sales Strategies. Set up your FREE Consultation call today.

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