Don't Fall For All The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Hype...
You Need A Relationship Building System - Where Marketing Sparks Your SALES!

LinkedIn is THE de facto Business-to-Business networking website. With over 600 million members, people often tout it as a GOLD MINE for business. It can be when done right… but this is more than just another simple lead generation tool.

This is the REAL WORLD TESTED system that delivers the RIGHT leads to your inbox from customers who REALLY WANT to buy from you!

I have been marketing for over 40 years and have been on LinkedIn since 2004 (one of the first 1000 members). I have seen and tried it all.

  • It's not about the quantity, but quality of connections.

  • It's not about proprietary systems, it's about relationships!

  • MOST OF ALL… It's Not About You!

Helping YOU To Develop Profitable LinkedIn Sales Relationships!


Brian is a marketing rock star in my world! He made sense of relational marketing for us and helped us extend our reputation, relationships and reach into the digital world. He does what he says he will do. He helps us keep our focus on what is important – good content and relationships. He set up our websites and got us started with blogging, and we now generate 6000+ hits on one of our local websites! I get dozens of offers from marketers every week, and I am confident deleting every one of them because Brian takes care of us.

Kevin G. Drendel

Attorney | Relationship Manager | Future Planner for people, business & the community

  • 40% of monthly active users log-in daily.

  • Profiles with pictures get 21x the engagement.

  • Only .5% of users share content weekly!

Some people may try to tell you that all you have to do on LinkedIn is connect, message, and monetize… but if it were that simple, everyone on LinkedIn would a billionaire with no time to engage.

I have paid for Premium (Sales Navigator) without any MEASURABLE INCREASE in business. What I have figured out is that there is a formula that works- but it takes time, commitment, and patience.

The individuals and sales teams I have personally instructed have seen upwards of 3x Sales Growth with patience, perseverance, and purpose.

The real Secret Sauce is to be a resource to others and constantly provide better value (not lower pricing) than others in your space!

I have a better way... and it works!

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